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Rochelle Connell


Faculty – English





  • Classical Conversations Challenge III Director

  • American Heritage Girls Assistant Unit Leader

  • Specialist in School Psychology Intern

  • Student Clinician at The Children’s Crisis Care Center

  • Certified Para-Educator  


I’m incredibly grateful to have had Mrs. Connell as a teacher my junior year. Not only does she curate thoughtful and engaging discussions on a wide variety of subjects, her care and attentiveness for her students is evident. I felt like my strengths were appreciated, my weaknesses were challenged, and my emotions were noticed. She is a teacher that can truly do it all; an undertaker of every discipline and lifelong lover of learning.

Mrs. Connell is an extraordinary teacher. What makes her stand out from other teachers I've had is her ability to listen to us, and make us feel heard. There have been countless times when I or my fellow classmates have turned to her for advice on life issues. She gives wonderful insight and is honest and real. She is a fantastic leader and always added to our conversations and what we were learning. What I believe makes her so special is the personal relationship she has with each of her students. She has so much love for what she does, and for the students, she teaches. Any future students she will have will be some very abundantly blessed kids. 

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