Dance Courses

Ballroom, Country Western, & Etiquette Skills
Suggested Age




For Beginners or for students who have completed a previous beginner class.


The student will learn valuable social and life skills, including dance,  to feel comfortable in any social situation. We will practice a variety of interactive skills. Repeated studies show that a child’s social skills will be a major factor influencing his/her future success and ability to reach his/her full potential.


First Semester Topics will include:   Ballroom and Country Western Dancing-- basic Waltz, Foxtrot, Single Swing, Cha Cha and Two Step.  Etiquette topics of formal and informal dining, conversational and networking skills, phone and email etiquette, image-building, appropriate dress, party hosting tips, wedding and funeral etiquette, job interview and college prep skills. 


Second Semester Topics will include:  Continuation of Waltz, Foxtrot, Triple Swing, plus Tango, Cha Cha,  dance mixers, and more Country Western Dance skills. Etiquette skills to deal with conflict, compliments, and criticism, social media savvy, appropriate dress,  dance etiquette. 


 This course is designed to build character, confidence, and courtesy in students and prepare them to handle even the most uncomfortable situations with grace and ease.


Requirements: In class dance demonstrations. Class participation.


  • Comfortable dancing shoes

  • Journal for reflections

  • Book:  “Be A Class Act” by Dr. Susan Quiring

  • A required book purchased from the instructor

Intermediate Ballroom Dancing
(includes Country Western Dance)
Suggested Age




Requirements—have completed the 2016-17 Ballroom Dance course at ODA or equivalent in other ballroom dance classes.  



The student will learn valuable life skills, dance skills, and etiquette of dance to feel comfortable in any social situation.  Step-by-step instruction of each step, practice with a variety of partners.  Lots of class interaction.  Questions and student input encouraged. 


First Semester Topics include:  Ballroom Dancing—intermediate Waltz, cha Cha, Foxtrot, Swing, Tango.  Introduction to Viennese Waltz. 


Second Semester topics include:  Country Western Dance  Skills, more Ballroom—dances to be chosen by the class.  Dance etiquette and social skills will be included.


Requirements: In class dance demonstrations. Class participation. A team performance.


  • Comfortable dancing shoes

Why Study Etiquette & Dancing?


To equip young people to go out into the world as ambassadors for Christ in any circle of people with a focus on respect, awareness, and consideration for others through both etiquette and dance skills. To feel confident in social settings.



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