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John Forsythe


Faculty – Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science



  • BS in Biology, Florida State University, 1976

  • MS in Biology, Texas A&M, 1980

  • Ordained Pastor, Calvary Chapel Bible College, 2006



  • Marine Biologist, UT Marine Biomedical Institute, Galveston, TX - 28 years   

  • Author or co-author of 40+ peer-reviewed scientific research papers

  • Retired from science and went into full time Christian ministry - since 2005   

  • Ordained as Pastor 2006 by Calvary Chapel of Houston

  • Moved to Florida and planted and pastored Calvary Chapel Surfside 2008-2020. Retired 2020.

  • Led after-school Christian Clubs in 3 Florida elementary schools for - 5 years

  • Participated or Led 13 Int’l Missions trips

  • Teaching Experience:

Scuba Instructor 5 years

Bible College instructor

Taught Elem, Jr & Sr High Youth ministries

Marital Counseling

  • Attend Hope Church Kyle: A/V, Kids & Home Group Ministries

"Thank you so much John. This certainly does clarifiy everything and its good to confirm that my daughter is still on track.”

“My daughter loved that Mr. Forsythe started his class with prayer!”

"Thank you for giving my son a bit more time and extra attention. I appreciate you :)”

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and dedicating your time to help students."

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