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World View 1

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World View

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Desired minimum age is 14. Attendance at orientation is required.

World View 1

Course Description:


World View 1 is designed to give an overview of the progression of Western thought and culture. Covering the Ancient World to the Middle Ages (Creation to 1100 A.D.), this first year of World View prepares students to face an increasingly pagan world. Students investigate and compare the great philosophers, writers, and streams of thought originating from Israel, Greece, and Rome that helped form modern presuppositions.

This is a 4-credit course: English, Ancient Literature, World History, and Philosophy.


Students are expected to keep extensive syllabus notes, write several reflective and argumentative papers, give oral presentations in class, as well as write and present a major research paper.

The books studied in World View I include, but are not limited to:

  • Creation Regained, Albert M. Wolters

  • The Iliad, Homer

  • Genesis in Space and Time, Francis Schaffer

  • The Universe Next Door, James Sire

  • The Odyssey, Homer

  • How Long O Lord, Carson

  • Plato’s Republic, Plato

  • The Aeneid, Virgil

  • The God Who is There, Francis Schaffer

  • Escape from Reason, Francis Schaffer

  • He is There and He is Not Silent, Francis Schaffer

  • The City of God, St. Augustine

  • Church History in Plain Language, Bruce Shelly


  • The Bible and Ancient Thought World Views of the Western World, David Quine

  • Booklist will be provided with the course syllabus.

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