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Web Programming and Design for Teens

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Engineering & Technology


Computer Programming

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Microsoft Office for Teens or equivalent experience

Web Programming and Design for Teens

Course Description:

  • Learn beginning to intermediate web design, HTML5, CSS3, and tips & tricks

  • Fulfills 1 credit state requirement for Technology Applications

  • Your student will have a fully functional website (online with approval) at the end of the course

  • Uses freshman-college level textbook

Homework: 2-3 hours per week


  • Laptop computer required  (Some instructors may be able to provide one, if needed)

  • We will install a free to use text editor for programming called Visual Studio Code.

  • Textbook: Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3 (6th Edition), by Terry Felke-Morris THIS IS AN E-TEXTBOOK ONLY. Part of the class will be learning how to use one.

  • A USB flash drive to store student projects if using the instructor's laptop

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