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Web Design for Kids Using HTML5 & CSS3

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Engineering & Technology


Computer Programming

Suggested Age:



Microsoft Office for Kids or equivalent experience

Web Design for Kids Using HTML5 & CSS3

Course Description:

Kids will learn:

  • How a Computer Works

  • The History of the Internet

  • How the Internet Works

  • Internet Safety

  • What a Website Is

  • What a Blog is

  • How to Plan a Website

  • The Design Aspects of a Website

  • Basic HTML5

  • What CSS Is

  • How to use Web-Authoring Tools

  • Web Hosting Options

  • How to get a domain name

In a fun and creative workshop-style class, each week we will study a new topic and create a website page by page. By the end of the year, your child will have completed a website of which to be proud! They will also learn how a computer is made and the history of the internet. This is a great class to introduce kids to the usefulness of computers beyond games and email, and prepare them for a lifetime of using the Internet.

Homework: 1 hour per week


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