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Sculpture 1

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Fine Arts


Visual Arts

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Building Art Skills is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for this class.

Sculpture 1

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Spatial Reasoning is the ability to imagine and manipulate objects three dimensionally. Unquestionably, this is a vital skill for professionals from engineers to molecular biologists. This introductory class will strengthen these mind skills via hands on sculpture projects, observation of numerous examples, the understanding, learning and memorization of the basic elements and principles of design, as well as addressing the ability to translate 3-D objects from our imagination to 2-D drawing (and the reverse, from drawings to objects).

Often this type of course requires a significant investment in materials and equipment. By focusing on the ideas more than the craftsmanship, we can decrease that monetary investment some. The projects will utilize wire, clay, plastics, and other non-precious media to exercise the students’ 3-D brain muscles.


  • See individual instructor

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