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Science 3/4 A

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Natural Science


Elementary Science

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None except the ability to read

Science 3/4 A

Course Description:

Note: Science 3/4 is on a two-year cycle

Science 3 – Used in Academic Years (2024-2025),(2026-2027)

Using Bob Jones Science 3 as the spine, students will explore many different facets of science. Major topics of study will include the solar system, cells and how they do their work, how scientists group animals and what their different characteristics are, botany, and much more. Each week, the class will feature interesting activities and experiments designed to help kids discover the amazing world we live in. Highlights of the semester will include learning to use a microscope, cracking open a geode to look for crystals, and dissecting an earthworm.


Note: The instructor has chosen Bob Jones textbooks because they are colorful, engaging, academically challenging, and most importantly show that all of science and nature point to the Creator.

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