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Middle School Engineering 2

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Engineering & Technology



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Middle School Mathematics

Middle School Engineering 2

Course Description:

Students that excel in engineering typically have a curiosity for how things work.  They love Legos, and robots, and enjoy taking apart your appliances!

This course continues building STEM skills for the upper middle school student with engaging team projects in 8 engineering disciplines including electrical, mechanical, biomedical, computer, petroleum, environmental, aerospace, and robotics.  Specific projects include building circuits and basic breadboards, understanding gears and catapults, exploring logic through Turing machines, building and programming a small robot, building powered paper airplanes, and so much more.  Students will learn to analyze their projects to understand why they work and why they fail.  Students will present a team PowerPoint presentation for a design.  Additionally, students will learn how to draw a mechanical design in three views.  We will explore the great engineers of the past, and discuss how God used their designs to bring Him glory.


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