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Intro to Painting

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Fine Arts


Visual Arts

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Building Art Skills is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for this class.

Intro to Painting

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The thought of making art with paint conjures up multiple feelings. On the one hand, some of us might imagine a free-flowing, “just express yourselves” kind of scenario. On the other end of the spectrum, some might envision a feeling of intimidation and anxiety, a scary blank page. The aim of this class will be to introduce students to using color effectively, different painting techniques, and to stimulate an increased awareness of the visual world around them. We will also look at some important painters throughout history in order to start to become familiar with some different styles and movements. Underlying all art, including painting, are the core concepts of the elements and the principles of art. The students will be encouraged to look at art through those lenses, as well as from a Christian world-view. Students without prior art experience should speak to the instructor prior to enrolling.


  • See individual instructor

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