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Intro to English 3

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High School English

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Intro to English 3

Course Description:

English 3 will call upon students to incorporate certain style techniques into nine new types of paragraphs. This summer course introduces these elements of style one-by-one, giving students the opportunity to learn and practice them to mastery. Instruction will include:

  • Six basic stylistic techniques that govern powerful word choice and organization

  • Six ways to ensure that a paragraph will contain varied and well-structured sentences

  • Accomplishing the purpose of a paragraph

  • Utilizing a style rubric for each writing assignment

This course emphasizes:

  • Note-taking and key word outlines

  • Summaries from reference material

This summer, our vocabulary gets exciting. Our new words will be grouped according to their common English roots. This way, students not only learn to recognize the roots in these new sets of words, but they are also trained to recognize these roots in any other words they come across. This particular practice is highly recommended by PSAT and SAT to improve performance on these exams. The program includes:

  • Weekly charts will be filled out, involving definitions, roots, synonyms, and antonyms

  • The students’ own original, descriptive sentences using their new words

  • Spelling tests administered by the parent-teacher


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