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High School English 2

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High School English

Suggested Age:

16-18 years


High School English 1, or consent of the instructor based on student writing sample. It is also recommended that students have also completed American Literature.

High School English 2

Course Description:


High School English 2 builds on previous writing and literature studies to introduce upper high school students to rhetorical analysis, and critical thinking and evaluation skills,  as well as the research and writing skills needed to succeed in the workplace or in university studies.


High School English 2 is an advanced composition course that builds on previous grammar and vocabulary study, as well as previous writing and literature courses to extend and expand student skills in understanding, analysis and communication.  The course includes continued study in essay writing, including the college essay or personal narrative, timed essays, and persuasive essays. Students are introduced to rhetorical analysis, how to construct an effective argument, and the persuasive research paper and recorded presentation. Students will also develop critical thinking skills as they evaluate and compare a wide variety of historical documents, speeches, essays, and stories.

Parental Responsibilities:

Parents are responsible for helping their student establish a weekly routine that includes daily grammar and sentence writing practice and feedback as well as time to work on required homework and study for class each day. Parents are also responsible to implement daily instruction from the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series (grade 11), check student work and offer feedback. Students will benefit most from this daily practice in grammar and sentence practice, as well as time each day for writing, reflection, revision, and/or vocabulary study. It is highly recommended that parents review student writing and offer feedback before final drafts are turned in.


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