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High School Engineering 1

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Engineering & Technology



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Algebra 1

High School Engineering 1

Course Description:

Students who pursue High School Engineering typically enjoy building and design.  This can present itself as a love of electronics, programming, mechanics, creative drawing, or construction.  Rather than running from these challenges, the engineering-inclined student embraces them.

This course will dig deeper into engineering principles and challenge students in the design process.

Some of the fields that will be explored are structural, civil, mechanical, biomedical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, and industrial engineering.  The class will learn the basic principles in these disciplines and then build and design various projects.  Students work in teams as they develop their designs just like in industry.  Some examples of projects include wooden truss bridge, solar car, constructing breadboard circuits, soldering electronics, building a hydraulic arm, and much more.  Students learn the mathematical and scientific theory before building, and they take most projects to failure to analyze the weaknesses.  Students will get the opportunity to practice professional engineering presentation skills. Additionally, they learn to draft with both 3-view and isometric technical drawings.  Students will learn the Engineering Code of Ethics alongside a Christian worldview.


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