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Elementary Literature

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Elementary English

Suggested Age:



Must have fine motor skills for cutting and gluing

Must be able to listen, wait, and follow instructions

Elementary Literature

Course Description:


  • Develop a love for literature

  • Master the use of common literary terms

  • Explore various genres of literature

Novels discussed in class and read at home:

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Reading level grade 3 to 6; ages 8 -12 years

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Reading level grade 3 to 7; age range 8 to 12

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Reading level grade 3 to 8; ages 8 to14 years

Genre: Historical Fiction

Reading level grade 3 to 5; ages 9 years and up

Genre: Science Fiction

Reading level grade 3 to 8; ages 9 to 12 years

Genre: Fantasy Genre

Reading level grade 5; ages 6 to 12)

  • Biography or Autobiography (student choice)


  • Expected to read 20 minutes a day, five days per week for a total of 100 minutes

  • Students complete weekly assignments graded by the ODA teacher

Novel questions

Class Lesson Review questions

  • Students will:

Create a resource book

Read and discuss a variety of genres

Analyze, make inferences, and draw conclusions

Participate confidently in group discussions

Parental Responsibilities

  • Attendance is mandatory as each day is a new idea or term

  • Help your child develop a love of literature by reading with them as well as listening to them read. This helps the child develop reading fluency.


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