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Digital Photography: Imaging & Design

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Fine Arts



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Exploring Art Mediums strongly suggested and a desire to be creative.

Digital Photography: Imaging & Design

Course Description:


The purpose of this course is to learn & apply the Principles, Techniques & Concepts of digital photography. To do that they will learn and apply basics of Photographic composition through Rule of thirds, lighting, contrast, mood, perspective, texture, exposure and understand the art of photography by how to tell a story with their photographs.

Students will study Master photographers so that students can fine tune their own photography.

Students will create a Process Journal Photo Album using their best photos from each shoot and journaling about their process and critiquing their photography. This will help them to understand their own creative process and understand how they are applying the skills & techniques they have learned.

Our God is a marvelous creator. My objective is help students see His creations in a completely new and unique way, develop their own creativity sense and skills, and to learn to find the beauty in themselves, and the awe in all of God creations.

  • Students will edit and work on “Shooting” assignments in class and outside of class weekly.

  • Students will concentrate on learning and applying the Principles & Elements of Design such as Composition, lighting,

  • mood, texture, leading lines, etc., which they will use to create their photographs. New concepts are learned each week.

  • Each Shoot will have prints made for the students process journal photo album.

  • Students will learn how to tell a story with their photography, study famous photographers’ styles, and learn how to create simplified, clean, well-designed photographs.

  • Students will learn how to edit and enhance photography through digital imaging.


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