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Contemporary Issues

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The main thing is a desire to learn, honestly consider one’s own views, and be stretched.

Contemporary Issues

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“The truth is that, like everyone else, Christians are always more culturally shortsighted

than they realize. They are often unable to tell, for instance, where their Christian

principles leave off and cultural perspectives begin.”

Os Guinness

No one disputes that there have been massive changes in America, even since the turn of

this century. Many truths that once seemed secure are now contested. Some long-

standing truths are even deemed dangerous.

It should be said that these debates are not just between Christians and non-Christians.

Vigorous debates are regularly found among us Christians.

In this course we will look at many issues we all are challenged by today: the influence of

technology, a better and more comprehensive understanding of politics, ethical

challenges, and much, much, more.

We will consider these issues through the lens of the Bible, Christian theology, and some

of the best thinkers of the past 3,000 years.

Again, this course is geared to stretch students to think more honestly and thoroughly

about the most challenging issues of our day.

Homework is not heavy in this class. Homework will contribute to class discussion.


Stuck in the Present: How History Frees and Forms Christians by David George Moore

Various handouts will be given out in class.

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