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Competitive Speech

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Suggested Age:

7 and up



Competitive Speech

Course Description:


This class will learn and apply essential acting techniques in order to develop and perfect speech interpretations for competition. Areas of exploration to improve acting skills include:

  1. Improvisation

  2. Character Development

  3. Scene Development

  4. Researching Literature

  5. Cutting their piece

  6. Analysis of Purpose and Theme

  7. Presenting a Polished Product

Each organization has certain rule for competition.  I will focus on the rules for the National Christian Forensics Communication Association and for STOA.  If there is another organization in which the student would like to compete, I will research and work within their rules for that student.

The class focuses on Open and Duo Interpretations.  However, the students will also get an opportunity to practice all of their speech events for feedback.


Through games, exercises, feedback, staging, and rehearsal, the student will learn to craft a competitive interpretative piece for competition.  The skills practiced in the class will benefit the student in any area in life.


  • Students will have an opportunity to attend a practice tournament

  • Students will have the opportunity to attend NCFCA and/or STOA tournaments

  • I attend NCFCA tournaments and will be there to rehearse with the students

  • The family is responsible for any costs associated with the tournaments

  • A parent must attend the tournaments with the student

  • The parent is responsible for the supervision of the student at the tournaments


  • See instructor

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