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Yearbook Club

Everyone's help is needed!

WE WILL MEET MONTHLY: ??? from Sept 1-May 1
from ???
ONLINE via Zoom
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Yearbook Club is a fun, rewarding club that will be producing this year's One Day Academy yearbook. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to produce a professional product, and for them to be exposed to the graphics and publishing world. Students who have yearbook experience often can gain access to similar opportunities in college and beyond.


  • One Day Academy Yearbook Club will be broken down by campus/club/sport this year so our SOME meetings will be online and remote. This is the only we can ensure that everyone is covered.

  • Each campus/club/sports group will have a point person that will coordinate with Mrs. Gaiser via meetings and emails to make sure you understand your objectives, shoot clear photos, mock up campus pages, and meet your deadlines.

  • Deadlines are very important to our project, and all participants will need to agree to meet them. Therefore, each student’s completion of their own assignments is critical to supporting a yearbook team. All of the yearbook work is produced outside of meetings on your own computer.

  • Each campus and club will have a page (campuses 2 pages/clubs 1) to create on their own. Sports pages will be turned over to any parent or student interested in covering that area (number of pages will be determined soon).


Yearbook Adult Leaders:
  • Regional Director

  • and any parent(s) wishing to lend a hand!


To participate you will need to:
  • Email your Regional Director if you are interested in serving

  • Provide us with information about why you would be a great candidate (sample of writing and a couple of photos would not be a bad idea)

  • Be committed – no quitting midstream!

  • We need photographers at every campus


Students will be instructed and supervised in the different tasks required to produce and sell a high-quality yearbook for One Day Academy. This will include:
  • Development of design theme/layout and organization using online graphics software

  • Taking candid photos at various campuses

  • Researching and reporting on events, sports, etc.

  • Copy writing/Copy editing and proofreading

  • Advertisement design

  • Promotion of the book at the various campuses

Got some GREAT campus pics?
  • Cool experiment in class today?

  • Awesome field trip pics?

  • Or just some fun on campus?

Upload CENTX pics here!
Upload HOUSTON pics here!
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