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Jennifer Schilling


Faculty – English, Natural Science



  • B.S. in Biomedical Science, Texas A&M University

  • A.A. in Business Administration/Accounting, Howard Community College



  • English Teacher with ODA since 2021

  • Veterinary Technician/Teaching Assistant in Teaching Labs at Texas A&M University Veterinary School - 7 years

  • Math & Science Teacher at Rockdale Intermediate School - 6 years

  • Teacher in local co-op - 3 years

  • Awana TNT teacher - 6 years

  • Sunday school teacher for K-2 - 10 years


Mrs. Schilling is a wonderful teacher! My daughter has something fun to tell me about after each class. Mrs. Schilling finds activities to reinforce all the literature terms/ideas they learn about. She is also very responsive and helpful whenever questions came up outside of class.

 As a homeschool mom herself, Mrs. Schilling finds a good balance of expectations and accountability for ODA students, making her a useful resource for homeschoolers.

I love having Mrs. Schilling as a literature teacher. She is happy and funny. She also explains things very well which makes class easier since there is a lot of cutting and gluing. The class Mrs. Schilling teaches is very fun and I enjoy being in her class. 

Mrs. Schilling makes Literature so fun! I love how she teaches class. She is so patient and kind and an amazing teacher. 

Mrs. Schilling is the best teacher ever! She is loving, kind and patient. And when she teaches you something, she explains it in such a way that you understand right away.

Mrs. Schilling is an engaged and creative teacher. She is enjoyable in class and makes the literature discussions and projects in this course very fun.

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