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Doreen Moore


Faculty – Humanities, English



  • BA in History – University of Delaware

  • MA in Christian Thought (fields of study: Church History and Systematic Theology)

  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, summa cum laude

  • Valedictorian (class of 200)

  • Highest honors on comprehensive exams in both Church History and Theology

  • Kitty DeBaets Memorial Award (for Academic Excellence and commitment to family)



  • Writing tutor

  • Published author: work endorsed by scholars including J.I. Packer; required text for Church History class at Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Campus Crusade for Christ -1982-1991

  • TA – Seminary

  • Spoken, taught, and ministered in various locations nationally and internationally

  • Teaching One Day since 2009

  • Appointed as Visiting Scholar at Princeton Seminary, Summer 2016


Historical research and writing:

“I’ve been using Doreen Moore’s Good Christians, Good Husbands? as a required text for my modern church history course at Dallas Theological Seminary for several years now . . . Its research is thorough; its historiography is careful; it’s thesis is compelling; and, when taken to heart, its practical implications can be life-changing.”

--Michael Svigel, Department Chair and Professor of Theological Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Resourced by thorough research . . . “

--J.I. Packer (author and professor at Regent College, Vancouver)

Student Evaluations:

“I really liked being in your class this year . . . You are a great Christian teacher. Soli Deo Gloria.” Same student two years later: “You are a much better teacher than my college professors.”

“Spontaneous, funny, interesting, and an excellent teacher . . . You really got me personally involved with a lot of topics I thought were boring but you caused me to become very interested.”

“Where do I begin? This year was simply amazing! I loved your class so much! You ae so gifted at teaching! I really enjoyed going to class on Monday . . . I am going to miss having you as my amazing teacher! . . . I love you Mrs. Moore! You are the best teacher ever!”

“She is deep and kind! She has fun while teaching us! She makes each and every class an amazing experience and an opportunity to learn!”

“I have learned so much from being in your World View class! Your class has taught me to look closer at things and examine them. You are a wonderful example to me and inspire me to grow closer to God!”


“I can’t thank you enough for all you have and are doing for me. You have been one of the largest influences in my life . . . I thank God for putting you in my life!”

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