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David Swarbrick


Director of One Day Academy
Faculty – Mathematics, Humanities & Natural Science



  • BS – Engineering

  • M DIV, with Education

  • MA – Mathematics with Education



  • ACC Mathematics – 10 years

  • UT Mathematics faculty – 5 years

  • Teaching One Day – since 1998

  • 15 years in vocational ministry Ordained 1988

"He really knows how to make problems easy, how to break them down well, and how to give students an idea of what the purpose of the math problem is. This course makes a lot of sense and he explains Algebra well."

"Thank you! You have helped me to feel good about my Math, and I do not struggle as much as I used to."

"You have made Math and Physics fun and easy and you have even made me LIKE Math!"

"Mr. S. You are da bomb. My favorite things about your classes are that you really know your stuff (Math and Physics) and you communicate that you like it through your teaching. The second is the way you handle the class; you let us talk and work and have respect for everyone and a great sense of humor."

"Thank you for your teaching style. I like how you incorporate humor and learning. It is great having tutors available to all the students too. Even though Math is hard now, I know it will pay off in college."

"Thank you for this class, I learned so much and I see why you make a great leader."

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