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Caroline Ong


Faculty – Mathematics



  • BS Mathematics / Secondary Education, Grove City College, Grove City, PA

  • MS Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

  • Texas Teacher Certification: Secondary Mathematics (grades 6 - 12)



  • One Day Academy Mathematics faculty (College Station) - since 2016

  • Blinn College Mathematics faculty (Bryan) - 6 years

  • Collin County Community College Mathematics faculty (Plano & McKinney TX) - 2.5 years

  • Middle School Math Teacher, Anna MS (Anna TX) - 2 years

  • High School Math Teacher, DW Daniel HS (Central SC) - 5 years

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Clemson University - 2 years

  • High school cross country & track coach - 8 years

  • 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School Teacher - 6 years

  • Cub Scout adult leader - 4 years

  • Tutoring Mathematics - since 1991

“She knows what she is teaching, loves teaching it, and shows us more efficient ways for us to work problems.”

“She takes her time explaining things, and challenges us with brain teasers.”

“I truly appreciated your zeal for your subject. It was infectious and made math classes not feel intimidating to our student. She enjoyed coming to class and truly felt like she learned. I would recommend you to anyone! Thank you for teaching, thank you for your passion.”

“You have clarity and provide punctual feedback to my son and me, as the parent.”

“Homework was always graded fast and the classroom was very organized.”

“[There was] excellent in class instruction ; clear expectations and schedule of assignments.”

“[My child] loved how organized you are, and said that you really explain concepts well…. She has just generally said how thankful she was to have you as her teacher!”

“Communication about grades, assignments, missing work was great. Your teaching style was motivational.”

“I truly appreciate your interest & enthusiasm for the subject matter. I can tell that you care about your students. I am thankful that you communicate well with both parents & students. And we appreciate your feedback on assignments & tests.”

“Taking Pre-Cal with you provided an incredible year of growth for my child. He will be a better student going forward because of the consistent routine/expectations you had for your class.”

“You did a great job teaching, staying caught up on grading, giving feedback, and holding the students accountable without nagging. Thank you very much for your teaching/ministering to our kids.”

“I had so much fun and realized that I’m much better at math than I thought I was.”

“I appreciate the very clear instructions and expectations, and feel like having the videos to watch ahead of class help the time be used efficiently in class. I appreciate your organization and good communication!”

“The flipped class model was interesting and worked very well. I was able to grasp the subjects easier. “

“The video notes were very helpful to gain more understanding of a topic especially since we only have less than two hours every week of actual class. The flash cards before quizzes were also very helpful.”

“My son felt that this was his best class he's taken at ODA. He really appreciated that you were so organized, prompt with email questions & prompt with grading.”

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