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Science 5/6 D

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Natural Science


Elementary Science

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Science 5/6 D

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Note: Science 5/6 is on a two-year cycle

Science 6 – Used in Academic Years (2025-2026), (2027-2028)

Using Bob Jones Science 6 as the spine, students will explore many different facets of science. Major topics of study will include earthquakes and volcanoes, weathering and erosion, natural resources, cells and classification, animal classification, plant classification, atoms and molecules, motion and machines, stars, the solar system, plant and animal reproduction, heredity and genetics, the nervous system, and the immune system. Special technology lessons are incorporated throughout the school year. Each week, the class will feature interesting activities and experiments designed to help kids discover the amazing world in which we live. Highlights of the semester will include constructing a 3-D model of the cell, designing and building a structure that can withstand an earthquake, performing chemical reactions, and designing and making a model roller coaster. In addition to exciting experiments, we will play fun review games, watch interesting movies, and students will supplement their learning with occasional webquests.


Note: The instructor has chosen Bob Jones textbooks because they are colorful, engaging, academically challenging, and most importantly show that all of science and nature point to the Creator.

This course is taught from a Christian, creationist viewpoint.

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