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Teppi Schmidt - On Sabbatical

Faculty English

Phone:  210-912-4247



  • Bachelor of Science in Horticulture, Texas A & M University


  • Fredericksburg Christian School, Teacher - 8 years

  • Fort Worth Botanic Garden, Educational Horticulturist - 5 years

  • Chicago Botanic Garden, Plant Information Specialist - 1 year

  • 4-H Club Manager - since 2003

  • Toastmasters International – member since 2008

Teppilinn Schmidt  English 2 Feb


"Mrs. Schmidt taught me various English and Sciences classes from sixth through eleventh grade. She was more than a teacher though. She was a mentor. While Mrs. Schmidt taught me plenty about the course material for those classes, I learned most from the daily advice Mrs. Schmidt gave me. She was always a source of wisdom and understanding with all that came up in life. She related to me and truly treated me as an equal when discussing life matters and spiritual needs.

          In regards to classes I learned most from her in the Bible class she taught me my ninth grade year. We went through the book of Roman’s with a handful of students. She treated us as mature young adults as we truly studied the Bible and its contexts. Mrs. Schmidt helped my walk in faith as it became my religion instead of my parent’s religion. She made science experiments engaging. It wasn’t watch me do this, now this, and this demonstrates this. It was hands on and we participated from a young age to complete the experiments. I’ll never forget the time she taught us how earthquakes happen using common day foods. While you can only make English so exciting in my opinion, she retained my focus and kept me on track with examples that brought humor into the classroom.

It is hard to format and compose a well put together letter to describe Mrs. Schmidt’s passion for her students. My senior year I took an English class at a community college for dual credit. While there I had to write numerous essays and book reports. Mrs. Schmidt went out of her way and helped edit all of my papers. She continued to have a passion to teach me even after I was not her student. Even though it has been close to five years since taking my last class with Mrs. Schmidt, I still consider her my teacher, mentor, and friend."

“She is a great teacher. She is very knowledgeable in her fields and always tries to make time to help her students in any way she can. I had the privilege of having her as one of my teachers for five years, and I learned so much from her. She taught me many things in the classroom, but maybe more importantly, how to be a good decent person. She has been a tremendous example to me and I am grateful for all her sacrifices to make mine and other young people’s lives better.”

“I look forward to my English classes with Mrs. Schmidt every week. She inspires me to be creative and encourages me during all of my lessons. She is good at explaining and keeps me motivated through the lesson. I think she enjoys it as much as I do.”

Thank you so much for a wonderful semester of Physics! I have really enjoyed it and you have done an amazing job of making a really overwhelming and intimidating subject super fun and understandable!

You are so much fun to have as a teacher. I would say as much fun as another student in our class would be!

Thank you for all your time and effort, not to mention all the patience!

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