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South Austin Cornerstone Campus

Bannockburn Chuch South Austin

Campus Admissions:  Elizabeth Gonzalez | 254-426-6280 |

Campus Director:  Jennifer Fisher | 512-636-9008 | 


Alex Alvarez
Faculty – Athletics
Patti Ashley
Curriculum Writer - Natural Science Faculty - Natural Science
Jack Blalock
Faculty – Mathematics, Engineering
Addie Deike
Faculty – Fine Arts
Diane Echevarria
Faculty – English, Humanities
John Forsythe
Faculty – Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science
Sandra Gaiser
Director of IT Services Faculty – Engineering & Technology
Belinda Haggard
Faculty – Fine Arts
Holly Herstad
Faculty – Fine Arts
Ellen Hodge
Faculty - Business
Joanna Lujan
Faculty – Mathematics, Natural Science
Naomi Marcus
Faculty - Foreign Language
Doreen Moore
Faculty – Humanities, English
Tahrea Smith
Faculty – Mathematics, Humanities
Samantha Smith
Regional Director | Austin-South Faculty - Mathematics
Natasha Triplett
Faculty – Fine Arts
Laura Warrick
Faculty – English

Bannockburn Church

7100 Brodie Ln

Austin, TX 78745

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