Shannon Evans

Phone: 512-234-1585



  • BS in Biochemistry – Texas A&M University



  • One Day Academy Science Teacher - since 2016.

  • Homeschool Teacher (K-12th grade) - since 2000

  • Co-op Teacher – 4 years

  • AWANA Sparks Director – 4 years

  • Youth Sunday School Teacher – 3 years

  • Nursing Home Ministry – 9 years

  • TPWD volunteer – 20 years

  • Lockheed Martin Intern – 3 years


“ I love how she explains everything and does fun experiments.”

“ [She is] kind, focused, instructive, and sweet.”

“[my favorite thing] is her enthusiasm, knowledge, and love of fun.”

“She is so funny, smart, creative, amazing…! She is the perfect science teacher.”

“She makes everything easy to understand.  She takes time to answer every question we have.”

“She is very patient and explains everything very well.”  


“She is so sweet and loving.  I love her as a person and a teacher.”

Shannon Evans General Science_edited.jpg