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Sandy Bakke

Faculty English

Phone: 501-240-8861



  • Masters of Professional and Technical Writing - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

  • Texas Teaching Certification - Concordia Lutheran College in Austin, TX

  • B.A. in History with a minor in Psychology - University of Alaska at Anchorage

  • Associate degree in Home Economics - University of Alaska at Anchorage

  • Associate degree in History - University of Alaska at Anchorage

  • Moody Bible Institute             

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  • Teacher, ​Little Rock Christian Academy:

    • AP Language & Composition - 17 years

    • American Literature - 6 years

    • Literary magazine - 9 years

    • Concurrent English Composition - 1 year

    • Creative Writing - 10 years

    • Biblical Worldview - 17 years

    • American history - 1 year

    • World history - 1 year 

    • Yearbook/journalism - 10 years

    • Middle school English - 6 years 

  • 4th grade all subjects teacher, Patton Elementary - 1 year

  • English as a second language teacher,  Misawa, Japan - 2 years

  • Editing of fiction, non-fiction books & short stories for publication, Fredericksburg, Texas - 4 years

  • Taught various Sunday School and Bible classes throughout our Air Force career - from 2 years to high school 


Mrs. Bakke was able to peak my interest in English and inspired me to become a more passionate lover of books. I am so honored to be a former student.


Mrs. Bakke is an amazing teacher with a true heart of gold. When I had Mrs. Bakke as an English teacher, I looked forward to her classes. She absolutely loved and cared for her students, and their well-being. Her students success in academics was her greatest endeavor. If you gain Mrs. Bakke as one of your teachers it would be the best decision made!!!


It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Bakke as a teacher. Even though I had her as a teacher four years ago, I still remember her class as being one of the most impactful classes to me. 


I wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Bakke. There has never been a kinder or more caring teacher. She always challenged me as a student to think creatively and write with conviction and excellence.  


Mrs. Bakke sharpen my writing skills before I entered college. Because of her, I felt ready for any writing assignment that came my way.


Mrs. Bakke was my entire class's favorite teacher, including mine. Her manner is gentle, her methods academically rigorous. She genuinely cares for her students & has a unique, creative way of inspiring them to their best. She's simply a gem & it was an honor to study with her. 


“I know I’m a little biased, as she was my favorite English teacher in highschool, but Mrs. Bakke is a phenomenal instructor. I always looked forward to coming to her class, even on bad days. She truly cares about her students, and it’s evident in the way she interacts with her class. She can explain the material in a way that not only helps her students learn but keeps their attention. She helped form my writing voice, fine tune my poetry,  and deepened my love for literature.  Mrs. Bakke is a kind, caring, and wonderful teacher”


From the yearbook room to creative writing to AP Language and Composition, Mrs. Bakke was a source of insight and enlightenment to my adolescent mind. She not only taught me how to analyze great works of literature and craft my own writing, she also reminded me that we can learn from and enjoy picture books at any age.  In fact, many days, as a 3rd grade Language Arts teacher, I recall what she taught me. Her thoughtful demeanor and teaching methods truly inspire her students well beyond their time in her classroom.


Mrs. Bakke is a wonderful teacher, and so good at engaging me and my classmates!  She was always there if we had questions or needed anything. I will never forget how how she wrote a letter of recommendation on super short notice, that helped me get into the honors college program and changed my life!


Mrs. Bakke was a great AP Language teacher! The learning we did in her class was flexible and self-directed when appropriate, but still rigorous and stimulating.


Mrs. Bakke taught me high school English and yearbook classes in a private Christian school in 1997-1998, and 1999-2000. Between those years, and before them, I was homeschooling and attended homeschool co-ops during various semesters. Mrs. Bakke was and still is one of my favorite teachers: a true leader; thoughtful; encouraging; and loving toward each and every student. She made English, literature, and every related project so enjoyable. Coming from a homeschool background, the approach Mrs. Bakke took of group discussion alongside an emphasis on personal and skill growth was a great fit for me. Everyone at our school, myself included, thought of Mrs. Bakke as the school mother: the person to go to for advice and help when life became hard (as it does sometimes in high school!) The skills I learned in Mrs. Bakke’s classes helped prepare me for next steps in life and in academics. I’m a better wife, mom, and co-worker because of her. 


Excellent teacher with an amazing heart .


I had the privilege of having Mrs. Bakke as a teacher twice in my high school career. Once as a freshman and again as a senior. She is and will always be one of the pivotal book ends of my educational experience. With encouragement, kindness and professionalism, Mrs. Bakke serves, challenges, and deeply inspires her students to think beyond the boundaries of curriculum standards. Mrs. Bakke taught me how to ask essential questions that helped me understand how to think and to find deeper pools of knowledge and I will forever be grateful. I can earnestly say, Mrs. Bakke inspired me to become a teacher, a writer and she will always be my role model and a foundational person in my life that helped me imagine and dream. This wonderful woman is a gift to the classroom and to her students. 

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