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Rachel Anderson - On Sabbatical

Faculty Mathematics

Phone: 979-450-5206


  • BA Mathematics from Western Kentucky University

  • Secondary Education Certification


  • Public High School Math Teacher 2 yrs

  • Public Middle School Math Teacher 1.5 yrs

  • Home Educator 14 years

  • Bible Study Leader 5 years

Rachel Anderson family.jpg


"She not only teaches us how to do the problems, but also the why behind them."


"She takes a challenging subject like physics and makes it less intimidating and easier to understand. I have enjoyed learning about the laws and relationships that govern the universe and have become much more confident with mathematics."

“Mrs. Anderson is an awesome math teacher! My child that hated math the year before, offers to do her math work first before anything else now and doesn’t even complain about it. She has really enjoyed Mrs. Anderson’s class, and I’ve been amazed at how much she has learned.”

"Mrs. Anderson has big picture goals for her students that extend past test grades. She not only encourages students to do well on tests, but to learn and master the material being taught. "


"Mrs. Anderson makes math easy to understand. She is always willing to answer questions and help how she can."

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