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​Patti Ashley

Patti Ashley portrait 2023.jpg
Curriculum Writer– Natural Science
Faculty - Natural Science




  • BS in Education with science

  • Annual Professional Development in Science


  • Teacher/ 4 years before children

  • Home Educator- 21 years

  • Children's Ministry - 15+ years

  • Teaching Science Labs 1998 - present

  • ODA Science Instructor - since 2005

  • NASA High School Aerospace Scholars Program Technical Review and Teacher Mentor – 2010-present


"Mrs. Ashley always goes over our science assignments and helps us understand the important concepts. Most importantly, she shares her love for science and God in everything.”


“She is energetic and organized but likes to make labs fun.”


“The labs were really fantastic and helped me understand the textbook ideas.”


“Physical Science has been a blast and I can’t wait for Biology next year!”


“The best part is working with a partner and doing experiments in every class. I have gotten so I actually LIKE the safety goggles. Keep it going!"

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Patti Ashley UTMSI 18 group1.jpg
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