One Day Academy

The Purpose of Expectations regarding Dress, Speech, and Behavior
  • To honor God and His house

  • To support fellow students and the faith they bring to campus

  • To develop respect and professionalism in all students

REQUIREMENTS: Participating families are expected to…
  • Accept the campus leadership of One Day Academy any time they are on campus

  • Accept the policies of One Day Academy

BOUNDARIES: For dress & behavior to be a non-issue, students should be…
  • Familiar with and respectful of the guiding rules and policies of One Day Academy

  • Trusted to exercise good judgment, knowing an adult will step in if necessary

ELECTRONICS: To ensure that campus activities remain wholesome and appropriate
  • Students must register all internet ready electronic devices with the campus supervisor each week when they get to campus and sign in. Students and parents must understand that there are certain risks (including, but not limited to, damage and loss) that are implicit with bringing electronic equipment to campus, and ODA assumes no liability for student devices.

  • One Day Academy teachers and staff maintain the right to review and supervise any type of media if deemed necessary. If media is inappropriate, the parent will be contacted and appropriate action taken.


Students are not to use the church WI-FI (internet) unless they have permission to do so from the supervisor. Church staff and Faculty have priority for church WI-FI (internet) use.

  • Students must keep electronic devices off or on silent and put away in the classroom unless the teacher has instructed otherwise for classroom purposes. 

  • Students may not play music out loud or share earphones. Personal listening devices with headphones are permitted. 

  • Any student caught violating these policies will be written up, and will have the device confiscated, to be retrieved by the parent.

DRESS: To ensure that clothing is appropriate, modest, and nondistracting


  • Students may not wear clothing displaying offensive words or content including alcohol, tobacco, sexual innuendo, violence, or any type of inappropriate references.

  • Students may not reveal his or her underclothing in any way.

  • Excessive amounts of leather and/or metal is not permitted if the item is determined to be too distracting at the discretion of the campus supervisor.

  • No facial jewelry due to the distraction it may cause inside and outside of the classroom.

  • If a student comes to campus with holes or tears on their jeans they must meet the following criteria.

Any holes/tears in pants that skin can be seen through are ONLY acceptable if they are NO HIGHER  than 2 inches  above the knee. (Duct tape will be provided to cover the hole and the student will first be given a verbal warning.  Any further issues with inappropriate holes will be followed up with a write up and a meeting with a parent.)

  • Shoes must be worn by everyone on campus at all times – students, parents, siblings, and supervisors.


  • Dress Appropriately: Female students may not wear mini-skirts, tube-tops, short shorts, low (revealing) tops exposing the chest, bare midriffs, sleeveless or cut-out or bare shoulders, no tank tops, or any other types of revealing or provocative clothing. The goal of this policy is to clarify a standard that will be non-distracting and appropriate in the classroom. Students who ignore these policies regarding appropriate dress will be written up on campus.


  • LEGGINGS:  All dresses, skirts, or shorts without leggings must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee without any adjustments to the standing length.

Female students may wear leggings/jeggings ONLY IF covered by a dress/skirt or top that is at least finger-tip length when arms are fully extended down to their side.



  • Male students may wear shorts but the same standard applies –no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. No short athletic shorts.

  • Male students may not wear sleeveless muscle shirts or athletic tank tops.  Shirts must have sleeves.


Students in violation of the dress code will be written up and asked to wear a cover if available or may be asked to have parent bring appropriate clothing to student.

MOVEMENT: To ensure that students remain under adult supervision at all times
  • Students are to remain in designated parts of all buildings at all times.

  • Students are only permitted to leave campus with a parent. If students wish/need to leave the campus with anyone other than a parent (temporarily or at end of day), or if they are a student driver who can leave on their own, they must have a Permission To Leave Campus form filled out by a parent and on file at EACH of the campuses the student attends.  These forms can be found on the ODA website or at any of the ODA campuses.  A form must be on file at each campus the student attends.

  • Students are not to congregate in hallways while classes are in session.

  • Students are not permitted to sit in cars or linger in the parking lot between classes. They may leave campus by car if they have permission to do so on file. Students may not hang out in the parking lots.

    • All students who drive themselves to/from campus are expected to drive safely and use good judgment while driving through any ODA campus parking lot. Any unsafe/erratic driving behavior could put other ODA students, families or staff at risk and will result in a write up and student’s parents being informed.

BEHAVIOR: To ensure that conduct is appropriate, respectful, and helpful
  • Students are expected to treat one another appropriately: fighting, wrestling, hitting, or threatening is strictly prohibited.

  • Students are expected to treat all persons in authority respectfully, including all teachers, supervisors, and church staff.

  • Students are to abstain from any public displays of affection. Quick, side-to-side hugs are allowed, at the discretion of the supervisor.

  • DO NOT BRING ON CAMPUS: weapons of any type (including pocket knives or box cutters), drugs, alcohol, tobacco, electronic smoking devices (e-cigs or vaporizers) or pornography under any circumstances.

  • Prescription drugs should be checked in with the on-site supervisor.

CHURCH PROPERTY: To ensure that all students treat the host church with respect
  • Students are to respect church property - vandalism, defacing, or any mistreatment will not be tolerated.

  • Students may not use any wheeled device while on campus: wheeled shoes, skateboards, roller blades, etc.


Do not use the church resources such as office supplies, kitchen supplies, etc. Stay in areas that the church has given permission to use.  Always leave the church clean.

LANGUAGE: To ensure that speech is appropriate, clean, and thoughtful
  • At no time are students allowed to use language which is crude, nasty, inappropriate or disrespectful.

  • At no time are students allowed to utter curse words, swear words, or vulgarity.

  • At no time are students allowed to threaten, degrade, or humiliate a fellow student.




  • Prospective parents may visit a One Day Academy campus at any time.

  • All visitors check in at the campus table and follow the supervisor’s guidelines and are subject to ODA Policies and dress code.

  • Students may visit a One Day Academy campus at the discretion of the campus manager/supervisor. This includes current One Day Academy students from other campuses as well as friends of One Day Academy students. All must sign in at the front desk, follow the supervisor’s guidelines, and consent to stay no longer than 2 hours (unless special permission is secured for a day visit). Supervisors have the authority to ask student visitors to leave if they become troublesome or overstay their welcome.

  • Former One Day Academy students who have graduated from high school are allowed on campus, either as a classroom assistant at the request of a teacher, or as a campus visitor, at the discretion of the campus supervisor.

  • Pets are not allowed anywhere on campus–either inside or outside–out of respect for the host church and the programs they run. PLEASE do not bring your pets on campus.


  • While on any of the ODA campuses, parents and siblings are ONLY to be in designated areas and MUST ABIDE by ODA Policies and Dress code.

  • While on any of the ODA campuses, siblings who are not enrolled in ODA classes are to be supervised by their parent at all times.  This is not the responsibility of the ODA supervisors or faculty.


IN CONCLUSION: One Day Academy has policies in place to insure that students and parents understand that we want to serve our families with campuses that are safe and encouraging.  One Day Academy policy is updated EVERY year, therefore; read through the policies annually.  When signing the annual family registration form policy acknowledgement, you are stating that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the policies for that academic year. 

ODA Policies 2020-2021

Consequences at ODA

One Day Academy aspires to
  • Shepherd students toward adult righteousness

  • Foster healthy, enjoyable relationships between adults and students

  • Forge a community defined by grace and known for its long-suffering

  • Honor our families’ trust and protect the sanctity of the homeschooling lifestyle


One Day Academy recognizes that
  • Some students will choose not to respect the campuses, guidelines and boundaries of One Day Academy

How blessed is the man...

How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the path of sinners nor sit in the seat of scoffers.


…who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked…
…nor stand in the path of sinners…

When a student repeatedly defies the expectations of One Day Academy, the following steps are implemented:



When the severity of an incident warrants immediate expulsion, One Day Academy reserves the right to dismiss a student without recourse. Such causes include, but are not limited to, bringing or selling illegal substances or smoking materials on campus, verbally or physically harassing or assaulting a student or teacher, bringing a weapon onto campus, (including  knives of any kind) inappropriate sexual comments or actions, and/or blatantly rebellious actions which would cause harm to themselves or others.

Under these circumstances, the parent will be contacted and the student is not allowed to return to One Day Academy. When an incident warrants expulsion, the Write Up system described below is not applicable.


Incident One

Minor classroom incidents occur frequently. In these cases, the teacher often handles them directly, not directly involving One Day Academy staff. However, when an incident is serious enough to warrant the attention of the campus Director or supervisor, or if a student persistently requires correction regarding minor incidents, four things will occur:


  • The student will be issued a First Write-Up.

  • The event will be recorded in the event log, kept at the main desk at all times.

  • The student will be noted on the student status file, to be transmitted with the daily stat sheet to the Regional Overseer. All student discipline records are collected across all campuses in a single source. These write ups are cumulative over the duration of the student’s attendance at One Day Academy.

  • The Campus Director will contact the parent to discuss the event. At this point, no other significant action will be taken. 


Incident Two

If a student is involved in a second significant event in any one academic year or a third such event over the student’s career at One Day Academy, four things will occur:


  • The student will be issued a Second Write-Up.

  • The event will be recorded in the event log.

  • The student and a parent will meet with two or more One Day Academy personnel.

  • The event will be transmitted to headquarters for the discipline master records.


At this point, the student will be questioned regarding personal desire to be at One Day Academy and must demonstrate a clear understanding of the expectations.


Incident Three

If a student is involved in a third significant event in any one academic year or a fourth such event over the student’s career at One Day Academy, One Day Academy will immediately begin the process for dismissal. The process may be interrupted by the Campus Director, but only at the request of the parents and only upon recognition of unusual, influencing circumstances.


…nor sit in the seat of scoffers.

When a student scoffs at God, righteousness, innocence, authority, or calling, it hurts a community. One Day Academy will note any student who is prone to such behavior and attitude. Campus personnel will talk with such students, with the goal of encouraging honor, purpose, and respect in their attitude and behavior. If a student persists in such behavior and attitudes, One Day Academy will contact the parents to resolve the situation. Scoffing attitudes easily affect many, and will not be allowed to persist on campus for extended periods of time.



Once a student has been dismissed for any reason, the parents may request reinstatement unless otherwise informed by the Board. Any request of this nature will be brought before the Board of Directors of One Day Academy for consideration in writing. If a student is reinstated, he or she will remain on the highest level of warning for the duration of his or her involvement with One Day Academy.



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