Michael Fizzell

Faculty – Fine Arts, Humanities

Phone: 512-417-3525
Email: michaelfizzell@gmail.com



  • BA Violin Performance UT 1981

  • Ministry Studies: 2 year certificate – 1982

  • Graduate work in Theology


I like everything about Mr. Fizzell. He is fun and energetic."


"I really enjoyed his class."

"Mr. Fizzell is a wonderful, godly teacher. He loves all his students, and by the end of the school year, he becomes a friend. He takes into account the area where each student struggles so as to encourage and help his students improve. He is patient with his classes and genuinely loves his job."

" Starting Points was less of a class, and more of an enlightening experience. I entered the year being knowledgeable in the Bible, but not in the Lord. I knew what he was in concept, but worshiped him because “that’s what I’ve always done.” Michael Fizzell taught me why I should believe in God and, rather than give me philosophical reasons, he gave me hard facts and truth to base my faith off of. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity and God."


  • Providing orchestra in the home school community – since 1994

  • Free lance performer: since 1977

  • Teaching private lessons since 1972

  • Austin Symphony Orchestra – 10 years

  • Austin Lyric Opera – 4 years

  • School orchestra teacher – 5 years

  • Pastor since 1982