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Laura Holle - On Sabbatical

Faculty – Rhetoric

Phone: 512-619-1826

Website: Laura Holle’s web site



  • BA in Drama Education, University of Texas

  • MA in Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Tulane University



“What an amazing experience (Celtic) was! We are still walking on air! Thanks so much for all your hard work. The girls say you are a devoted teacher with high expectations. Pretty good in my book!” 


“I’d like to tell you just how much I appreciate the example you've been for our students. Developing a character that is pleasing to God has been a primary goal for Scott and me as we make decisions about the education of (our son), and your words and actions have been a real encouragement to him.I'd also like to compliment you on your artistic abilities, both in the adaptation of this wonderful story to a play and in your directing ability. You have been able to pull talent out of these students that many don't know they possess. I know the hours you must have spent in planning, preparing, working on costumes, going through every scene over and over in your head. I thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students."


"Thank you for your time and effort leading this group of students. Kira enjoyed being involved and would like to continue next year. I think this was a great learning experience for her!"


“Mrs. Holle: I just wanted to thank you and say that YOU ARE AN AWESOME COACH! Wow, our kids are so blessed to learn from a pro like you!"


“Madeleine was so fired up after your meeting.  She learned SO much from you!!!”


“Savannah loves Theatre, too. She was giving me a re-enactment last night of various events in the class. I wish you could have seen it…what a performance! Thanks for enriching our lives with new experiences and sharing your God-given talents with us!"


THANK YOU!!  Danae has improved so much this year and has thoroughly enjoyed you as a coach!  You have been an enormous blessing to her.  We may be moving to North Carolina next summer, so she is already lamenting the fact that you might not be her coach next year and has told me that “there will never be another Mrs. Holle!"

$5 off per month sibling discount (per child)


  • Teaching experience – 15 yrs

  • Rice University ESL Community Ed faculty – 2 yrs

  • ODA experience –5 yrs

  • Veritas Academy – 5 yrs


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