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Kierstyn Krajca

Division Chair – English
Director of Online Operations
Faculty - English

Phone: 979-575-4871



  • BS in Education | Minor: English

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  • One Day Academy English curriculum writer

  • Teacher at local co-ops - 10+ years

  • Private Tutor - 10 years

  • ELA Teacher, Jane Long Middle School - 2 years

  • English Teacher with ODA - since 2017

  • Nursery Coordinator at Westminster Presbyterian Church - 10 years

  • Served on Christian Education Committee

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As a parent of one of her students, and as a co-teacher in the classroom with her for several years, I can honestly say that I have never known another teacher who is more engaged, enthusiastic about learning, creative, and as kind as Mrs. Krajca. Children and parents alike will be blessed to have her as their teacher!


Kierstyn Krajca is an excellent teacher and is always able to keep her students engaged. Best writing teacher I've ever had!


Mrs. Krajca is the most enthusiastic English teacher I have ever had. She has greatly boosted my confidence, and made difficult and time consuming tasks enjoyable for me. David age 16


Mrs. Krajca is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher! I've been fortunate enough to take her classes many times, and has has assisted me in becoming a better writer and student. 

Having Mrs. Krajca as my teacher for the last five years has been a gift and a blessing in my life and education. She never fails to guide, teach, and encourage with enthusiasm and fever. She constantly has a smile on her face, bringing joy, fun, and learning to the classroom. Mrs. Krajca loves each and every one of her students and wants the best for them. Although she has taught me English, more importantly, she has taught me to choose joy in all circumstances. As I graduate high school, I will miss seeing her once a week, but I will take countless memories and immeasurable things I have learned from her to college and beyond. 


Mrs. Krajca is not only a skilled educator, but also wields an upbeat and enthusiastic personality that makes learning English a true joy.

Mrs. Krajca is a tremendous teacher! She is engaging, knowledgeable, and truly wants to help her students improve. She is always enthusiastic and kind, and she is the best teacher I've ever had. 

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