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Fort Worth-North Campus

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Academic Development

Foreign Language

Engineering & Technology



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Campus Admissions: Kandy Johnson | (512) 699-6341 |
Campus Director: Kan
dy Johnson | (512) 699-6341 |

Campus Policies

This campus opens at 8:00 am and closes at 6:00pm.

Students are not permitted to walk off this campus.

Electronics / Supervisor Room Policy

One Day Academy exists to:

  • Strengthen parents in training, mentoring, and discipling their own children.

  • Promote a safe environment where learning is encouraged, and Godly character is admired.

  • Equip students for college-level academics and expectations.

  • Model Christ’s example to young people through our teachers, administrators, and church staff.

  • Offer friendship, guidance, and support through communities of like-minded individuals

To further our mission to promote a safe environment where learning is
encouraged and Godly character is admired, the following electronic policies are in
place for our school year:

  • Students may have cell phones for communication with parents.

  • Students MAY NOT have cell phones out during class unless a medical emergency exists or has been cleared with faculty previously.

  • Students MAY NOT share headphones with other students.

  • Students MAY NOT share an electronic screen with another student unless in area designated by supervisor, in which the screen will be within sign of the supervisor.

  • Students MAY NOT bring gaming devices - this includes DS, Nintendo Switch, etc..

  • Students MAY bring tablets or laptops IF they are doing schoolwork during off periods or are sitting with their parents.

Any policy breaking will result in write-ups that follow our
discipline procedures laid out on our website.

Campus Policies
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