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Ronald Bell


Faculty - Engineering



  • Concordia University Texas M.Ed. program – Earned Principal Certification

  • Huston Tillotson University Alternative Certification Program

  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida - Tampa, 

  • B.S., M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Missouri - Columbia

  • United States House of Representatives Page School – Washington D.C.



  • Professor Computer Science - since 1998

  • College Engineering Instructor - since 1998

  • College Math Instructor - since 1998

  • High School Engineering,  Robotics & Math Instructor - 8 years

  • Middle School STEM Teacher - 4 years

  • One Day Academy STEM & Athletics Teacher - 6 years

  • UT Austin Christian Faculty Network - since 2021

  • My Brother Keepers, Huston-Tillotson University - 7 years


  • Computer Chip Company - MATEC 1999

  • “Ultrasound Kinetics of Cr-B and Their Engineering Interaction” - Ph.D. Dissertation, May 1995

  • “Ultrasound-Surface Photovoltage Detection of Cr Via Cr-B Pairs” - Material Research Society Proceedings, San Francisco, CA, April 1995

  • "African American Youth and Science Education" - National Technical Association Journal, winter 1994, Vol. 67, No. 2

  • "African American Education and Technology" - American Society for Engineering Education 1994 Conference Preceding

  • “Effects of Ultrasound on Cr-B Kinetics” - Technet 94 Conference Proceedings

  • “Effects of Carbon and Oxygen on Internal Gettering” - Master’s Thesis, May 1993

  • "The Effects of Carbon on Oxygen Precipitation"; - MEMC Internal Publication, August 1992

  • Devotionals “God Will Provide” – 2018, “Arise and Go” – 2020, “Walk in Wisdom” – 2023

  • Master Builder Pre-Engineering grades 3-8 curriculum series - 2023


  • NTA Scientist of the Year – 1997

  • TSPE Engineering Dream Team Member – 2000

Enjoyed his way of teaching and would bring up examples outside of class to make a connection with what we were learning. Graded always on time and was engaged with students and would check in frequently to make sure we understood what we were learning.

He is very aware of students’ learning, the content he teaches aligns very well and makes home-works and quizzes much easier. He makes sure to answer everyone's questions and slows down if something or someone is not understanding. His schedule is very easy to follow and makes sure to give enough time of anticipation for assignments.

Professor Bell exceeded my expectations when it came to an online course. He is very knowledgeable in the material he teaches and shows his passion.

He went above and beyond by providing me with different resources for learning coding which I greatly appreciated. I hope to get another opportunity to have him as a professor for another class.

He uses videos, projects, assignments, quizzes related to the topics, and other examples to grasp the idea of what he is trying to teach. His explanations are very descriptive and easy to follow.

This professor was helpful and was quick in responding to emails.

I have no complaints and would say he is a solid professor.

Mr. Bell was an excellent teacher. He would always make time for students if they needed help or had any questions. He made sure to make the class fun and have everyone participate during the lecture. This was by far the best class I had this semester.

Professor Bell did a great job being supportive and answering questions.

Professor was great at answering questions in a timely fashion despite it being an online course.

Prof. Ronald was always very patient in answering all of our questions. At the same time, everything we learned, Prof. Ronald did a great job of explaining to us the principles as well as the key points.

Good teacher and understandable

He did a good job explaining and expanding on topics.

Instructor never missed a day was always there and gave us the content we needed for each day.

Professor Bell always taught in a respectful and engaging manner. He was always open to answering any questions the class had and made the class an enjoyable experience.

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