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Matt White


Faculty – Humanities



  • BA in Behavioral Sciences from Concordia University

  • M.Ed from Concordia University

  • Ordained minister through Global University



  • ODA Instructor - since 2017

  • Senior Pastor at Calvary Worship Center

  • Youth and Children's minister - 11 years

  • Business College Instructor - 7 years

  • Academic Dean of Business College - 2 years

  • Authored "Ascending the Mountain of God" in - 2015

  • Authored


Pastor Matt is a talented and gifted teacher whose passion for what he was teaching came through every day in class. I also saw him to be extremely thorough in his own studies so I was confident he was teaching God’s Word.  Rhonda S.

I was always impressed with Pastor Matt’s subject knowledge and organization of content.  The workbooks he created for the class were well thought out and made good references for further study.  Chris B.

I took a course with him and it catapulted my faith.  I’m still using the knowledge and truths I learned in that class. Pastor Matt is an outstanding and highly qualified teacher. Hollis H.

Student Comments for Starting Points:

  • Just taking a deeper dive into who God is was great. Also, going over what the Trinity is was educational as I have always been a little confused on the subject.

  • I liked starting the essay and working on putting my personality into what I write for the projects.

  • I didn't realize how similar The Chronicles of Narnia were to the Bible until now. I had never known that Aslan had created Narnia.

  • I enjoyed talking about the morals of genetic modification, and was captivated by the notion that you can clone your pet dog.

  • I learned that if there is not an absolute goodness, deciding morality falls to mankind and man's idea of what is right will often change.

  • I wasn't aware of how much evidence there was for the existence of Jesus.

  • The paragraphs [in our workbook] made me think hard about the topics I was writing on. I enjoyed finding bible verses to back up my ideas and thinking about what I've learned through this class to make good paragraphs.

  • I was very challenged by the conversation we had in class about Halloween and how it relates to our Christian beliefs. It was a conversation that continued through the day amongst our family.

  • I hadn't ever truly known what morality and ethics meant, I'd always heard them though, so it was good to really dig deeper into those topics.

  • I enjoyed watching the testimony video to see how other people have come to the faith.

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