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Deborah Gotcher


Faculty - English



  • Masters of Arts in Education: Writing Across the Curriculum

    • Summa Cum Laude

  • Bachelor of Science: Elementary Education/English

  • Teacher Trainer for NJWPT/Abydos Learning International

  • Schools Attuned - All Kinds of Minds Institute

  • Soar To Success & SIPPS Reading Intervention Programs

  • English as a Second Language certification



  • Teacher - since 1987

  • Second Grade - 2 years

  • Third Grade - 4 years

  • Fourth Grade - 15 years - Reading, Writing and Texas History

  • Fifth Grade - 2 years - Reading, Writing and American History

  • Seventh Grade - 2 years - Writing

  • ESL Coordinator/teacher - 2 years - PreK3 - 4th Grade

  • Campus Literacy Coach/Reading Intervention/Writing Specialist - 4 years - 3rd - 6th Grades

Mrs. Gotcher’s classroom management skills are exceptional.  She creates a positive and respectful learning environment that results in increased student participation and achievement.  She is attentive to each student’s needs and always encourages their strengths.

Mrs. Gotcher stands out as the best teacher I have encountered throughout my years of schooling. Now a sophomore in college, I continue to benefit from the foundational writing lessons and the genuine care she extended to every student. Her dedication has significantly shaped my academic journey.Having known Mrs. Gotcher for the past ten years, I can confidently say she is the best teacher and mentor I have ever had. I still utilize many of her lesson materials in my collegiate assignments. Mrs. Gotcher’s influence extends beyond the classroom - she inspires her students to strive for excellence. I wholeheartedly recommend her to students at every level of education. She is not just a teacher; she is a mentor who inspires us to be the best we can be.

"I love how fun and interactive Mrs.Gotcher is as a teacher. She introduced me to creative writing and now I love imagining new stories. The way she teaches encouraged me to focus on spelling and grammar so I could write stories!" 

"While teaching my children Mrs. Gotcher was dynamic and engaging. As a parent I learned so much from the methods she has created in order to make learning tangible. We were so blessed to have her share her vast knowledge and passion of the written word with our family." 

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