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One Day Academy COVID-19 Plan

Updated: March 20, 2021

ODA Covid Protocol After Spring Break  March, 2021:

As stated in our original COVID plan, ODA would “follow these guidelines until there is no longer a need to do so.”  

In response to Governor Abbott’s executive order (GA-34) lifting the mask mandate in Texas, and following the mask protocols of our local host churches, each region and campus will post their specific Covid policy and guidelines. 

Please click here for information about your region and campus(es). https://www.onedayacademy.com/covid-protocol

As a religiously oriented Christian community, we have legal permission to meet in person for classes.

“Religious private schools should utilize prior joint guidance on mitigation strategies for houses of worship issued by the governor and the attorney general.  The governor also exempted religious services from the statewide masking order but strongly encouraged houses of worship to require masks.  Additionally, when the governor issued orders applicable to public schools, he expressly acknowledged that private schools and institutions have the freedom to make their own decisions.”

We also have the freedom not to mandate that all students and staff wear masks at all times on all campuses.

In addition to the state, each campus of One Day Academy must abide by the guidelines and boundaries which are requested by the host church.  Since each church may have different policies, each campus may have different policies. 


In general, we are going to follow several points of protocol:

  • Meeting in person is a privilege which many students will not be enjoying this fall.  We promise to make every effort to be fair, safe, and minimal, and ask only that faculty, staff, and families be kind, patient, and willing to provide feedback. 

  • Churches work hard at staying in touch with their communities.  Given that, we are primarily going to follow church protocol by default. 

  • As a baseline, ODA will generally adopt a worship style protocol of wearing a mask while moving and removing the mask once seated and distanced in a classroom or break room.

  • The majority of the time on campus, students will not be required to wear a mask.  Teachers and supervisors will spread the students out inside the classroom and in the breakroom so that they will not have to wear masks.  And, as a general practice, students will not be required to wear masks outside.

  • Students and staff will have to wear masks when moving or when in close proximity to one another.  Because of this, students and staff should always bring a mask to ODA. 




WAIVER:  Parents will sign a waiver acknowledging they are allowing their student(s) to attend in person classes on campus.  Parents will receive information on protocols and will be advised on COVID symptoms and asked to keep their student(s) home if they are sick. This form will be available on the website, in the orientation packet, and printed by regional directors to have at the sign-in table.  This waiver must be on file at each campus the student attends.

Waiver will include:

* Parental acknowledgement of the risk and the responsibility for having their student(s) on campus.

* Parental and Student(s) understanding and agreement to follow the guidelines given on campus.


* Parent will take student temperature before coming to campus.

* Parents are to immediately inform the regional director and the student’s teachers if and when they become aware of their student(s) being exposed to COVID. In this event, they agree to keep the student(s) home until risk of exposing others is past. Parents will be provided with a list of symptoms and asked not to send their student to campus if they have had an exposure to COVID or if they are not feeling well.  



Students are not required to wear a mask every minute they are on campus.  But they will have to wear masks during transition times.   Outside of transition times, students may be asked to wear a mask in special circumstances.  If a student forgets to bring a mask, ODA will have masks available. 

Students may wear a mask on campus any time they wish.

Students should avoid all physical contact anytime they are on campus, including hugging, shaking hands, and high fives.

Until further notice, students may engage with one another in outdoor activities like basketball, gagaball, etc., but may not do activities that require frequent sharing and touching of items such as dice, cards, or electronic devices.

When a student signs in at the top of the SIGN-IN FORM, there will be a statement that they are feeling well and free of fever.  The supervisor stationed at the sign-in table will verbally ask and confirm each student is well.  At this time ODA will not require a campus temperature check, but if the regional director chooses to, they may use a touchless thermometer.   A hand sanitizer station will be set up at the sign-in table.

It is advisable to limit time on campus outside of classes.  This will minimize risk, and it is temporary.  If it is possible for parents to pick up their student promptly after class, it is encouraged that they do so.

At the very least, each campus will have a space designated for students that wish to be socially distanced.  Please ask your regional or campus director where this space is on your campus.  Maintaining distance will be encouraged on all campuses.

If parents become aware of their student’s exposure or positive testing for COVID, they will immediately alert the regional director and all of their student’s teachers. The regional director will be responsible for dispersing this information to all involved parties on campus.


Teachers will provide class materials to students who are forced to miss class for health or other reasons.  Teachers may do this by live-streaming the class, providing audio and print materials for the student, or by recommending an online class.

Teachers will sanitize tables and frequently touched surfaces after each class.

Teachers are not required to wear masks while teaching and able to maintain distance from students. 

Teachers will be aware of their classroom size and plan accordingly to provide space between students. If sufficient space cannot be arranged, teachers should either require masks during that class or may move to a larger or outdoor space if available.

Teachers and students should use masks during close-in activities such as labs or individualized instruction.

Teachers may implement a no-contact classroom, meaning that all materials will be submitted and returned electronically and all students will maintain appropriate distance from the teacher at all times.




Supervisors will wipe down tables and frequently touched surfaces in the break room and accessible areas once every shift.  

Supervisors at the sign-in table will provide pens for sign-in and wipe with alcohol to sanitize between uses. Sign-In supervisors will remind students of sign-in procedures.

Supervisors will monitor restroom, hallway traffic, and break rooms to assist students with distancing and other reminders.  Students will not be written up for overlooking distancing but will be asked to be patient and courteous.

Supervisors will maintain the sanitizing stations on campus. Only supervisors will handle snacks and pizza and will wear gloves while assisting students with food items.

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