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Spanish 2

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Foreign Language



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Spanish 1 or equivalent

Spanish 2

Course Description:

The Spanish 2 course builds on the foundation of Spanish 1 and is designed for one full high school foreign language credit. Using the Spanish 2 text from BJU Press, students will learn to communicate in everyday situations. Key grammatical principles including reflexive verbs, direct and indirect objects, pronouns and preterit and imperfect tenses will be studied. Scripture passages that will allow the students to share the gospel will be introduced, and the cultural/historical highlights first introduced in Spanish 1 will be continues in Spanish 2. New vocabulary and grammar skills are introduced weekly. The 90 minute class will enable the student to complete approximately 3-3 1/2 hours of work for home consisting of memory work, written exercises, on-line assignments, quizzes and tests. Daily work and class participation are essential for success in the class.


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