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Primary English 2

Course #:






Elementary English

Suggested Age:



• Completion of Primary English 1 or the equivalent. Understanding of vowel and consonant letter sounds. Ability to read and write one-vowel words easily.

Primary English 2

Course Description:

Building on skills acquired in beginning reading, this course will go broader and deeper into the English language.  Your child will learn more advanced phonograms, roots, prefixes, and suffixes, which will help them decode longer words, and add to the enjoyment and comprehension of what they read. There will be weekly spelling tests, poems, and memory verses. Early chapter books will introduce more complex plots, sentence writing will lengthen to paragraphs, and manuscript review will lead to introductory cursive in the spring.

Parent Responsibilities:

Practice phonics flashcards, handwriting, oral reading, listening to stories, spelling words, and memory verses.  Help your child complete daily assignments.  Obtain and read recommended library books with and to your child.


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