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Performance Theater

Course #:




Fine Arts



Suggested Age:

10 and up



Performance Theater

Course Description:


This class will explore the foundations of theatre.

We will explore:

  1. Improvisation

  2. Character Development

  3. Theatrical Make-up

  4. Monologues

  5. Scene Development

  6. Stage Make-up

  7. Costuming

  8. Set Design


Through theatrical games, exercises, instruction, rehearsal, staging, and team work, the student will learn how to develop characters and scenes.  They will learn how to work with a partner on stage in the moment and stay true to the theme of the piece.  We will discuss historical context and the playwright’s intention.  The student will learn self-awareness, stage directions and the actor’s role in production. This is a team building class that will develop character and skills that will benefit the student in any area of life.

In the fall, this course will explore the building blocks of effective acting.  In the Spring, we will use the skills to perform a One Act Play for an audience.


  • Notebook

  • Pencil

  • Folder for handouts

  • Script

  • Student is responsible for their costume

  • Guidance will be given to help the student

  • Stage Make-up kit ($25)

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