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Navigating the Transition to College

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Academic Development


College Prep

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Navigating the Transition to College

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College is a huge time of transition. Everything changes. In order to be successful students, have to be prepared to navigate spiritually, academically and relationally. Many students who excel academically in high school find themselves struggling to make good grades in college. Statistics tell that 80% of high school graduates who are active in their faith stop attending church. 1 in 4 college students will struggle significantly with stress to the extent that it will interfere with their academics. This course is designed to help students learn the skills necessary to succeed in college. Throughout the course we will watch interviews with college students who will share what they learned the hard way about study skills, relationships and spiritual growth. During the course we will spend time focusing on how to navigate the system of college- a key aspect that can be difficult for homeschoolers. Using discussion, debate and readings we will analyze key aspects of Christianity so that when challenged by competing world- views students emerge with their faith intact. In addition, this course will break down how college and high school differ and equip students with the study and planning skills they need to succeed. Finally, we will discuss the practical aspects of college such as building relationships, living with roommates and managing stress.


  • The reading list for this course is still being finalized and will be available in May.

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