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Middle School Literature

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Middle School English

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Middle School English 1 or 2: Students must be competent, independent readers able to participate in class discussion and write short reports or essay answers to reading questions.

Middle School Literature

Course Description:

To explore and enjoy great classic literature in the forms of fiction, fantasy, biography, short  story, poetry, and drama. Students will learn how to find significance in the stories through  their historical context and application to modern culture and biblical principles through literary  analysis, guided discussion, engaging activities, historical study, and creative writing.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for purchasing the course workbook and each of the reading titles  (print version preferred) for their student at the beginning of the year. While library editions  are also permitted, students must have the workbook and the current reading book with them  in class each week. Parents are also asked to help their student pace out their reading and  complete assignments on time.


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