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Middle School French 1

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Foreign Language



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none, but a basic understanding of English grammar is essential

Middle School French 1

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The Middle School French 1 course will cover half of the high school French 1 text. The text presents the basics of beginning French, with strong emphasis on grammar exercises and vocabulary, along with classroom activities which will enhance the student’s comfort in speaking French. The four elements of language learning—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—will be emphasized to build a solid first year foundation. Students will also learn about francophone countries around the world. The text, BJU Press French 1, introduces the French language through the experiences of a missionary family in France. Relevant supplemental materials will be provided by the teacher.

Students should expect a workload of about 2-3 hours per week, consisting of listening, reading, and writing exercises, as well as some memory work, and regular quizzes and tests.


  • BJU Press French 1 Student Text

  • BJU Press French 1 Student Activities Manual

  • BJU Press French 1 tests

  • These materials can be purchased at

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