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Latin: Elementary

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Foreign Language



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No previous Latin required. Students should be able to read and write with ease, and basic grammar will be helpful.

Latin: Elementary

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Elementary Latin is a beginning Latin course for the mid-late elementary grade student. Students will learn beginning Latin concepts in a slow, careful manner designed to be manageable and interesting for the younger student. Most weeks will feature 10 new vocabulary words, one Latin saying of historical or cultural importance, and a new grammar form. The Latin grammar we will cover includes 1st and 2nd conjugation verbs in present, imperfect, and future tenses; 1st and 2nd declension nouns with some vocabulary from 3rd declension; and 1st/2nd declension adjectives. We will discuss English derivatives of our vocabulary words, will do some map work of the ancient Roman world, and will do weekly readings about the important figures of Roman history. Frequent review is built into the course, and review weeks will include games and competitions to help students master vocabulary, derivatives, grammar, sayings, geography, and history in an enjoyable way. Students will create their own notebook of Latin sayings and historical figures and events. This course is taught through a Christian perspective.


All materials are available from Memoria Press ( as well as amazon and various homeschool suppliers.

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