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JAVA Programming

Course #:




Engineering & Technology


Computer Programming

Suggested Age:

15 -18 (or 12-14 with strong math background)


No previous computer programming courses are required.

The student needs to be comfortable with a computer, able to download and install files from the internet.

JAVA Programming

Course Description:

An introduction to computer programming using a modern language (Java). Students will learn the basics of programming techniques including object-orientation, design and algorithm development in a fun environment. This is a prerequisite to the advanced mobile game computing course.


The book is an online book only. The book content is formatted as Word documents. You do not have to purchase Microsoft Word, there is free software available to view Word documents on any operating system.

  • The software to run and develop the Java code is all free to download. The development environment will be available on a USB flash drive for students to copy on the first day of class.

  • Laptops for the class are required.

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