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Introduction to Computer Programming Using Python

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Engineering and Technology


Computer Programming

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Introduction to Computer Programming Using Python

Course Description:

Have you ever wondered how to program for different problems and applications? What about learning to create art, 3D modeling, data graphing, and applications on python? In this fun and interactive course, students will learn the fundamentals of programming through Python while learning how to write and solve programs. This programming course is designed for Middle School and Highschoolers. Python is a typed, command-line programming language and is one of the most popular and used programming languages in the world. Basic to advanced computer programming will be taught through weekly exercises and fun hands-on projects throughout the year. Students will also work on and submit a final project using the skills they have learned. Projects and exercises will include and be applied to art, science, and engineering topics. Each concept is accompanied by real code samples that will be explained and assignments will present problems to practice.. By using many of Python libraries and compatible tools, students will learn to download and generate data, interact with the web and graphical user interfaces, use Matplotlib and generate graphic modeling, work with Git and GitHub, and Django. Dictionaries, files and exceptions, testing, and games will also be incorporated. This is a full and fun academic class that will incorporate many of the things Python can do. Homework is expected to be 1-2 hours a week. No prior experience is needed.

Course requirements: Students must have a laptop computer with Windows 10 or later that they can use for the entire year and bring to class each week. Students will be required to download Python to their computer. Python is a free program so there is no cost associated. A supplement will be required to purchase through the instructor.


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