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Intro to English 4

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High School English

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Intro to English 4

Course Description:

English 4 will focus primarily on writing five-paragraph essays, leading to a research paper. This summer class prepares the student for this challenge by:

  • Reviewing advanced style techniques for mature word choice and sentence structure

  • Introducing six of the most common types of paragraphs and how to write them effectively

  • Teaching transition techniques to make paragraphs seamless

The course centers on:

  • Three-paragraph compositions

  • Literary analysis, covering theme and literary devices in classic short stories

  • Original narratives, inspired by the themes discussed in class

We will continue our fascinating study of vocabulary through common English roots. Students learn to recognize the roots not only in these new sets of words, but also in any other words they come across. While this practice is highly recommended by PSAT and SAT to improve performance on their exams, our prime objective is to raise the caliber of word choice in their own writing. The vocabulary program features:

  • Charts to be filled out on each list, involving definitions, roots, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, and antonyms

  • The students’ own original, descriptive sentences using their new words

  • Spelling tests administered by the parent-teacher


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