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Intro to English 1

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High School English

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Intro to English 1

Course Description:

English 1 will refine the students’ understanding of basic grammar and challenge them to write longer, more detailed compositions. The objective of this summer course is to introduce the eight parts of speech and make it easier for students to put words to paper.

To raise kids who love to write, we must first show them that words are fun… and big words are big fun. Not only will students feel the thrill of the Big Word Challenge every week in class, but they will also gain confidence in using new words through their vocabulary assignments. This includes:

  • Charts to be filled out on each list, involving definitions and parts of speech

  • Dictation exercises to improve retention and comprehension

  • Word games like scrambled words, alphabetizing words, word searches, and spelling “checks”

The most important step in writing is establishing the “comfort zone.” Students need to feel at ease conveying their thoughts onto paper. If critique comes too intensely in this early stage, students may doubt their abilities and feel discouraged. Therefore, our Writing Sparks compositions are:

  • Designed to be enjoyable, allowing students to be creative and expressive

  • Usually one or two paragraphs long

  • A prime opportunity for the teacher to highlight strengths, offer encouragement and suggestions, and impart a sense of accomplishment

  • A prime opportunity for students to employ the rules of correct grammar they learn in class


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