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High School Engineering 2

Course #:




Engineering & Technology



Suggested Age:



High School Engineering 1 or equivalent experience per teacher approval

Algebra 1

High School Engineering 2

Course Description:

High School Engineering 2 is designed for the high school student who is interested in pursuing engineering at the collegiate level and enjoys the design and the hands-on construction of projects.

This course will explore different engineering fields such as mechanical, electrical, aerospace, computer, civil, biomedical, and architectural engineering.  Some of our projects will include designing breadboard circuits with Arduinos, designing actuated drawbridges using Arduinos.  Exploring the science of drones including creating a unique platform and components using a 3-D printer, developing a house plan drawing and structural design model, understanding contours and developing site drawings for a construction layout using CAD programming.     Students will also be studying portraits in leadership and how character relates to success in engineering and in life.  Students will be given more practice in engineering presentation and marketing skills.  Weekly assignments are given to reinforce the pertinent physics and mathematical concepts.  Biblical teaching and engineering ethics are used throughout the course to show how our Christianity is impactful personally and professionally.


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